Buy backgrounds and surfaces for food photography?
Food boards are high quality reproductions of the surfaces and backgrounds that we have in our use photo studio in food photography. Due to the high quality digitization of the original, we market a range of lightweight backdrops, surfaces and backgrounds under the name that you can easily take with you and store away. The backdrops are also easy to clean and can take a beating. Free shipping in the Netherlands & Belgium!
Backdrops for photography in various styles & designs
Many styles and designs are available. From backdrops with an industrial look to pastel-colored hand-painted surfaces. They are large enough – 90x60cm, 114x76cm (XL) or 120x80cm (rollable) – to photograph from both above and from a bird’s eye view.

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    • 90x60
    • XL
    • Flex
      • Concrete
      • Fantasy
      • Industrial
      • Marble
      • Metal
      • Natural stone
      • Nature
      • Pastels
      • Plaster
      • Rustic
      • Stone
      • Wall
      • Wood
        • Anthracite  Anthracite  
        • BlackBlack
        • BlueBlue
        • BronzeBronze
        • BrownBrown
        • CreamCream
        • GoldGold
        • GreenGreen
        • GreyGrey
        • Off-whiteOff-white
        • OrangeOrange
        • PetrolPetrol
        • PinkPink
        • PurplePurple
        • RedRed
        • RustRust
        • Salmon pinkSalmon pink
        • whitewhite
        • YellowYellow