Use the packaging materials in which your Foodboard is supplied for storage and transport. When storing your Foodboard, we recommend that you store them upright in a cool, dry place without exposure to direct sunlight.

Maintenance tips

Our Foodboards are all protected by a matte laminating layer to prevent stains. Most dirt or stains can be removed with a damp, soft (lint-free) cloth. Stubborn stains can in most cases be removed with warm water and a mild detergent. Rub gently to avoid damaging the surface.

Our Handmade Foodboard are finished with a matte water-based varnish to prevent stains. The textured surface of the Handmade Foodboards can be cleaned with a soft brush or the brush head on your vacuum cleaner. Be careful not to scratch the surface by pressing too hard.

Make sure that no hot objects are placed on the Foodboard during use, as this can affect the finish. Do not use your Foodboard as a cutting board, as this will damage the appearance and finish. Water or liquids can be used on the surface for a short time, but wipe them immediately when you’re done. Dry your Foodboard thoroughly before storing it.

Food Safety

Although our Foodboard are sealed to prevent stains, they are not food safe and food that is placed directly on the surface must be discarded.


All our Foodboards are single-sided and finished on a smooth surface. The Handmade Foodboards are also single-sided. The finish of a Handmade Foodboard differs per design and can be smooth or structured.


We offer Foodboards in 90x60cm and 114x76cm. The Handmade Foodboards are available in different sizes: 90x60cm, 120x60cm and 120x120cm. If you want to order a custom size, please contact us so that we can send you a customized quote.

Build to order

Keep in mind that every Handmade Foodboard is made to order. Therefore, not every supplied Food Plate will be exactly the same as the one displayed in the web store.

Damage during shipment

Has damage been caused during shipment? Please contact us as soon as possible if your Foodboard arrives damaged by sending us an e-mail with photos on‬.