Seen on TV at RTL4's
The Perfect Picture

In the fifth season, contributed to the fourth episode of RTL4’s Het Perfect Plaatje. Well-known Dutch people started to work with food photography, using our surfaces and backgrounds. Besides the fact that it is of course fantastic to see our product in this popular TV program, we are also pleasantly surprised with the creations of Raymond van Barneveld, Victoria Koblenko, Art Rooijakkers, Jannie van der Heijden, Stefano Keizers and Bibi Breijman. Below you will find the photos and the links to the food plates used by the participants.

Bert van Leeuwen

Bert van Leeuwen scored highly in this part of The Perfect Picture. For his food photo, he chose the Food plates Creamy Moon and Trash Metal. We are so enthusiastic about this combination that there is now also a CombiDeal!

Art Rooijakkers

Art Rooijakkers went to work with an old-fashioned bundt cake during the episode of Het Perfect Plaatje. He chose Foodbord Industrial Wall!

Jannie van der Heijden

Jannie van der Heijden let her creative dessert float with Foodbord Paint & Plaster Disaster as a backdrop. Please note, because of the processing that Jannie has applied, the color looks slightly different than in reality.

Victoria Koblenko

Victoria Koblenko went to work with her milkshake photo shoot with a subtle pastel-colored background and background. She chose Foodbords Peeling Paint Blue and Pink Pastels.

Soy Kroon

Soy Kroon had received the challenging photo shoot with Black Ice during the episode of The Perfect Picture. He opted for a combination of the Foodboards Industrial Wall and Green Storm which is now available as CombiDeal!

Bibi Breijman

Bibi Breijman accepted the challenge with a dessert and dry ice. She used a great combination of the Foodbords Industrial Wall and Back in Black Matte 2!