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Surfaces for food photography and product photography

About Foodborden.nl

Foodborden.nl is a part of Fotostudio IwanBronkhorst.nl. Our photo studio specializes in food and product photography, concept development and workshops. The surfaces and backgrounds are developed in our own photo studio and are based on our many years of experience in food photography and the original backdrops and surfaces used in our photo studio.

The origin

The concept was created mid-2017 due to the questions our photo studio received about our collection of surfaces and backgrounds. This collection was put on our website IwanBronkhorst.nl in order to be able to give our customers and cooperating partners an impression of the available backgrounds and surfaces. Almost daily we received questions about whether surfaces could be borrowed or rented.

Unfortunately, that was not possible. Most of the surfaces were unique specimens, some very fragile and others unique due to the story or special history.

Foodborden.nl was born with a technology developed in-house to digitize the original surfaces and have them reproduced in high quality.

We now ship our substrates throughout the Benelux and for some time now a beautiful collection of handmade surfaces and backgrounds has also been available.

Company details

IwanBronkhorst.nl / Foodborden.nl

De Droogmakerij 78
1851 LX Heiloo
Telefoon: +31 (0)72 – 74 32 937

E-mail: info@foodborden.nl
Chamber of Commerce no. 56916523
VAT nr. NL002024281B84

Ontwikkeling en productie ondergronden en achtergronden

The handmade surfaces and backgrounds are developed and produced in-house, and are available in various sizes and designs. A little peek behind the scenes …